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To further the ideal of beauty.

Creative beauty of nature in your own bear Summit International. Focuses on the beauty of the perfect body and mind. Were incubated with a dream. Through talking. Communicate with each other gently. From the relationship. Help create a healthy and a beauty ideal to happen. We desire to give love to all people. It's filled with fascinating charm. The one step closer to the ideal of beauty is a fact that will appear next.

World Family Summit will soar. And link with the world.

Summit International. Operating at full capacity. To create. "Beauty and health" with a broader vision of the world. The foundation of the power of the "Family Summit" is full of warmth. Tied together by a relationship of trust, trust yourself. The strong growth. Through regular physical activity every day. The desire and enthusiasm to our health and beauty. Rising to lead the world and the future.

International Summit in January. Soaring from the island of Hokkaido. Volume 25 of the present into the company. The new distribution system. To Summit Family to distribute health and beauty spread around the world. Continue to offer products that create pleasure. And satisfaction to everyone. With the progress of the leap.

Fiber treatment

Today only. Technology and new knowledge occurs in the human healthcare. How to take care of my life with fiber (Lycra) are large in Thailand. With exquisite design. Computer is used to coordinate different parts of the stockings, socks and restructuring. With the structure of the wearer. All the materials fit with spandex (Lycra) and cotton materials from the special Features well-ventilated place. The durability is outstanding. For those who need and long for.

Experts recommend the use of human body stockings fitting is in order. The body with fiber and Lycra (Lycra). Mixed in large quantities. To stretch the spine of the wearer. Realignment, or the spine into place. To all parts of the body's balance. Nervous system and blood circulation to the moon easier. The body to adapt themselves easily to the normal state because of all the parts of the body and the brain, spinal nerves and forced a total. The movement of doctors in secondary bone. The inflammation causes the nerve root is also related to the heel bone, muscles, joints, blood and organs have been affected. It is in the brain is interrupted. Blood work is not easy. Blood supply is inadequate. Body disease and pain is different. Was treated by the use of socks and a restructuring of the human body. Fiber therapy that is highly durable, flexible spine back into its original condition. Blood flow to normal with some people having problems. The symptoms improved immediately. But the pain for a long time. It may take a while before. The body will adapt and be healed. Current methods of treating fibers. The widely popular across the country, America, Japan and many in America have used this principle for more than 50 years.

Why do reinforced fitting bra is important to you?

Why lingerie and stockings, socks, reinforced fitting it is important to you?

Stockings. The socks are not as tight reinforcement for the elderly or those who experience problems with blood vessels only. But for those who care about health and beauty products to help stimulate blood circulation. Helps firming the buttocks. The light and slender legs, calves and proportionality.

Body Fat. A compression fitting is calculated correctly by the physician. Safe for any side effects, whether it be worn in any daily activities. In Europe and South America, with the use of stockings and socks strangulation extensively in the medical team of more than 40 years.

Circulation of the legs is an indication of health.

Blood circulation to the legs is an indication of health. And ease of daily life.

Because of the message. Too old to stay away from the heart's blood so black it was hard to go back to the heart of Lang. Lo and venous valve stem is small, which will open to help return blood to the heart. Although increasing age.

Unhealthiness. Genetic and tongue have all contributed to these small works are not related to the stock. When the valve is working less. Affects the blood flow is slow. Increased blood pressure. And enlarged veins. The cause of the pain. And varicose veins on the legs. These symptoms are the veins of many other diseases.

Tighten the strap helps the circulation in the legs tightening up. I squeezed into a vein that is deep in the legs to work more efficiently. When blood flow to the legs, the better. The W's lyrics with a happy life than ever before.

The veins can not fully ignore the symptoms may be worse to think on your feet sore and swollen feet. Spots on the skin. Severe pain in the legs, skin sores and thrombosis of blood vessels.

Cutting-edge technology for a compact body. Designed by the medical and woven into a cylinder so that no seams. Differ from generic products. Of research and development, manufacturing more than 40 years. A high technology which are difficult to imitate anyone.

Lily Bouquet Ion (Lily Bouquet ions)

Lily Bouquet Ion are engraved casting magic. You are a woman with a lively personality and dynamic agility.

For those seeking the beauty ideal has always been. You're closer to than the fact that ...

The physiological function of the Lily Bouquet. To create the ideal shape. As-dream.

During the break before. In from the body. Tan Pin Pin release designed to get everybody.

Body Suit worry about my old battery. The chest is not exactly a bra. Design support in this suit is the answer from the research and development continues. To correct weaknesses and improve the wear and move about freely fitting inserted. Lily Bouquet, more comfortable, the ions keep our body in a deserted you satisfied. Since the shape of the chest, legs, the slender beauty.

Properties of Lily Bouquet Ion (Lily Bouquet ions).

1) tailoring the shape of the right dimensions. Patented three-piece design.

2) woven with fibers City Superior (Sil Superior) by Toray of Japan. Combined with Lycra fibers (Lycra) by DuPont, USA.

3) sewing with lace Leaver Lace is an elegant, high-quality skin irritation.

4) Side Support (Chap people each side) are not uncomfortable when worn.

5) good, dry air absorbs moisture so your skin is exposed to the same texture.

6) He occupies the gore Can be turned off with a button front.

7) shoulder straps and a support bra in a fine suit and a smart one.

8) lifetime lasting durability. (By me and by way of introduction).

9) with research support from the University of Tokyo. Care at the University of Ho Chi Ka yourself. Japan

Type in Lily Bouquet Ion (Lily Bouquet ions).

Ion Braga.

- A special tape is an effective treatment. Turning round to the chest of a shape. - With the push frame (Lift up panel) to lift the breast mound to create a distinctive aesthetic. - Every time you move. To help tighten the excess fat that you have both side and rear.

Ions support in a suit

- The tape has a special massage at the waist and hips flexible helps strengthen every movement. - strengthen the area around the waist and hips. The beautiful proportions. - the movement. The more you tighten fat. - Tape a special massage to massage every time you move all the poses helps create a beautiful body.

The Noodle Maker ions

- Keep the excess flesh from the side. The turning circle is pretty hip to lift the hips up. - Tape the ends of the pant leg special massage to tighten the skin. Reduces the time to move back and forth motion. - The Noodle Maker is ideal for those who want to upgrade. The form-fitting leg. - Tape a special massage to massage every time you move. To tighten the excess fat around the hips and thighs.

Ion Semi Noodle Maker.

- The sphere-shaped hips, and pretty pictures. - Tape the ends of the pants will fit a special massaging the skin. - reduces the time to move back and forth motion. - Ideal for those who wear short skirts.

The materials used in production.

Made from high quality materials. Gentle on the skin.

A list of every product Lily Bouquet Ion (Lily Bouquet ions) are produced by coating the fibers with high quality pure silk protein. Which is extracted from natural silk. Without the special features of the fiber before coating as the gentle, soft flexible are lost. Not irritate the skin. Does not feel sticky, even with the sweat. The skin soft and smooth like silk-like silk. As a result, feel more comfortable when worn.

Add elegance with high quality lace River Village.

Decorated with lace, high-quality stainless River with beautiful lily design. An elegant complement to your satisfaction and pleasing design with style.

Power-Net materials are durable and flexible. Comfortable wearing.

Lily Bouquet Ion (Lily Bouquet ions) are made from fabric, power net. The balance of the fabric both horizontally and vertically. The woven fibers City Superior. Of Tero and Lycra fibers of INVISTA. Ltd. (formerly Dupont) is a Power Net fabric for superior durability and flexibility. It helps support the body as well. Moreover, we feel comfortable wearing.

SILSUPERIOR (City Superior)

by the company's high-grade nylon fibers are the only things that are shiny. Glossy texture of silk. The water absorption properties. Moisture and dry fast as cotton. Cross-sectional images of the fiber is superior to the Y as a new material that takes advantage of natural fibers, synthetic fibers, and developers to share. The concept of pipelines, water and food in the trunk of the plant. And the cells of the moss and lichen. Fiber invented by the works of nature. It is well ventilated. Feel comfortable. Time is not uncomfortable to wear.

LYCRA (LYCRA) proprietary INVISTA. Ltd. (formerly Dupont)

is a poly-urethane fibers that are durable. The flexibility is great. Rubber can stretch to more than 5-7 times longer lifetime. And lightweight. Strong and beautiful.

Bonvolant (the V box Blanc)

Super Support High Socks

Hose fitting is in order. The health and beauty. Take care of the materials index. Lycra extra large great room that does not exist in Thailand for 570 hard and 310 soft box for Gdynia. The design of the fit is so different to fit tightly at the ankle, then slowly relax slowly to the leg, the claw will fit a medium is a sock that is ideal for those who have to stand or walk for long periods. Suitable for both men and women.

Soft. Materials: The spandex (Lycra) 310 fine veneers.

Color: Black

Solid. Materials: The spandex (Lycra) 570 fine veneers.

Color: Black, Navy, White, Brown, Camel, Brown (dark meat).

Made in the USA.

Super Support Tights

Slimming pants stockings

Panties, stockings and a tight feeling. Equipped with fiber and spandex LYCRA with a thickness of 570 as well, Junior and unique designs to fit legs and hips. The point of the development of human physiological and structural engineering. Makes the body feel comfortable when worn. Firm but not uncomfortable. Help support the legs while standing as underwear, stockings and support portfolio. Durability is great.

Materials: The spandex (Lycra) 570 D 100 D Nylon Junior and Junior.

Color: black, brown, light brown, Pinky.

Made in the USA.

Men's Ion (left of the ions)

Feel firmer shape to wear.

Set in the body that makes you believe in the shape of its own.

Part of the upheaval. Local Pages toned. Hips are sagging. Tight-fitting legs. It is slim, stylish and elegant shape, the way you guys dream. However, due to factors such as age increases. The daily use may make a change. Many people think that body shape is complicated. So do not pay attention and accept the shape change.

We produce Men's Ion (left and ions) to help strengthen the body proportionally. To help relieve the worries of men.

Feel comfortable and healthy experience

Produce with a great performance.

Power Net fabric. Made up of fibers. "Superior City" effective absorption. The fibers absorb moisture, dries quickly, and "Lycra" is flexible and has excellent durability.

The fibers that are unique.

Supplemented by a "special process" is a unique ion series, you can feel comfortable and relaxed body and mind.

- MICA is a process used to produce fibers "Active mineral water" in the manufacturing process is applied to the product ion series. - Material / City Superior Lycra. City Superior is a registered trademark of Tero. Lycra is a registered trademark of INVISTA.

SUPPORT UNDERSHIRT (support in under-shirt).

- The shirt is made of fabric, power net. The X-shaped design helps to strengthen support for your back. The Fabric Power Net lateral design is a diamond shape. The support from the chest to the waist. The compact shape. The appearance of robust health.

LONG GIRDLE (try for a milestone million).

- With the tightening of the fabric, power net, cut into diamond shapes, the side from the waist down to the hips. Will improve and strengthen the waist, hips and thighs, cut side of a triangular shape. A great flexibility. Can meet all your movements. - The lumbar area of the slot, the infrared Which can be removed.